Sunday, May 30, 2010

The beginning

This blog came about as a way for me to track my thoughts and habits, namely my eating habits. I'm new to vegetarianism, but of course that doesn't automatically mean I'm reaching for the healthiest choices (so glad tortilla chips are vegetarian!). I also tend to binge both when I'm stressed and when I'm bored, which usually equals pretty constant grazing. And that leads to me feeling bad physically and mentally.

Lately I've noticed my habits getting worse than usual, which I've been blaming on heightened stress over the last month. So, this is an attempt to regain control.

No junk.

No alcohol.

For the entire month of June, I'm going to attempt to consume nothing but nutrient-rich, healthy foods that are largely more beneficial to my body than not. This may seem like a common-sense plan (it is), but the tricky part will be dining out and spur-of-the-moment situations. How do we know what the best choice is when we're not always presented with all the information?


  1. I love the idea of setting aside a specific time period to start eating healthier. I will join you in this effort, as I have also noticed lately that I am not making the healthiest of choices. Stress can do that to you. What will you be doing instead of, during those times you feel tired, stressed, out of sorts? It helps to have a plan of attack that is reasonable. Good luck with this wonderful idea!

  2. That's just it...I don't have a decent plan of attack yet! Not one that I've managed to stick to, anyway.

    Maybe I need a new hobby, something crafty and hands-on that I can use to destress. I've tried going back to beading, but I've found that the tiny little things are hard on my eyes and they're difficult to work with, which only makes me feel more frazzled than before. :)

    I'm glad you'll be doing it with me, though! The buddy system always works better!

  3. I would do it, but I'm too young to be giving up unhealthy food.

  4. Get an xbox and play with me! That would be fun.

    I'm on my Droid so forgive the choppy sentences. I have been "stress-consuming" too. I will join you after I eat my body weight in delicious New Orleans cuisine. Ha.


  6. I've been doing Medifast and I've lost almost twenty pounds but I'm getting off track more and more. I love Medifast, I don't want to stop doing it but I'm starting to miss food more than I did when I started. It's especially hard having a boyfriend who thinks I'm beautiful the way I am and who loves to eat. :) He's very supportive but the problem is we just love food SO MUCH. So I'm with you. I'm only allowed to eat one real meal a day and it has to consist of a lean meat and a veggie. Seafood, lean cheeses, and veggie burgers all constitute "lean meats".

    I love that your username is sunny c. :)


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