Saturday, June 26, 2010

Market Fresh

Nothing inspires my kitchen attitude more than a visit to the local farmers' market. It warms my heart to see so much wonderful, organic, local produce available, and of course the home-made treats are irresistable! Fresh mint lemonade was the winner for the day.

Armed with my Farmers' Market Guide (courtesy of Vegetarian Times), I already had a head full of ideas. I came home with almost everything I needed (a quick stop to Whole Foods provided the rest) to make tonight's dinner...avacado soup. Absolutely delicious, and perfect for a balmy summer night! The recipe can be found in the above mentioned magazine edition, and I HIGHLY recommend it! For dessert, fresh strawberries with Greek yogurt. Perfection.

And if you happen to need proof that organic produce rocks the socks off nonorganic, just try the tomatoes. If you've never tried an organic tomato, they will change the way you think of this common staple! By comparison, nonorganic tomatoes are just little blobs of flavorless red mush. Personally, I'm hooked on organic grape tomatoes and eat them by the handful, but organic heirlooms are quite the treat as well.

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